Agriturismo Tuscany
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Francisca handles the holiday accommodation and takes complete care of guests during their stay on the farm and at the restaurant.
Alessandro manages the farm and the production of wine and of the other produce grown on the property. Also, for quite some time now, he has been enjoying helping in the kitchen during the summer season. He is a beekeeper for passion.
Thomas, Carlo and Valentina are our children. They are the first consumers of everything that is produced on the farm and they are slowly starting to help out with small jobs.
Fabrizio. He handles all the outdoor work. In the summer, the lawns and the swimming pool are always well-maintained; in the winter he makes sure that there is enough wood to keep the buildings warm. Every day, he takes care of the vegetable garden and looks after the farm’s animals.
Francisca. Inside the house, she is in charge. She is the only person who knows exactly where things are, also because she is the one hiding them. She gives every aspect of her job the care and attention it needs and sees things through the eyes of others.

How it all began

Back in 2001 we decided to take a new turn in our lives. At that time, we were living together, though we grew up in totally different places, one in Rome and the other in Amsterdam, Netherlands. We eventually decided we had had enough of city life and we started to imagine ourselves living in the countryside and leaving our respective jobs.
An opportunity came up during a holiday we were enjoying in Maremma, where we were enchanted by the landscape, its perfumes and colours and even more by its gentle rhythms, so much closer to nature.
It can hardly be said that it was then that we discovered Podere Aione – it would truer to say that it was Aione that found us. Just crazy enough to take it on, we were ready to devote ourselves to rebuilding this old settlement, which had endured a long period of total neglect. The project has needed huge amounts of time and has journeyed through a number of different stages, the work progressing in parallel with the growth of our family, now expanded by the birth of our three children.
Since 2009 the farm’s business has become a full-time occupation, especially after we opened the restaurant and the swimming pool, making everything even more absorbing. In all these years, we have engaged our best efforts in the management of the farm and in being more prepared in the art of hospitality.